Being in service to something bigger energises us to speak and helps us choose our words in the moment.

Right now we are all in one large collective communication experiment. New groups are coming together to meet community needs, becoming new not-quite organisations with a clear shared purpose.

These bottom-up, self-organising groups are what organisations theorist Frederick Laloux studied and wrote about in Reinventing Organizations. Such groups create an invisible force field that magnetizes our unspoken dreams and desires. They invite us into a conversation and inspire us to conduct experiments in our own lives.

Last year I co-wrote about the communication needs of such disruptive and purposeful organisations for a network called Enlivening Edge. They collect people, thinking and activity around next stage organisations, or sometimes known as Teal organisations.

Right now in the midst of the global CoronaVirus pandemic we are all in service to something bigger than ourselves – collective survival.

When in a crisis clear communication is essential. Rarely have we all simultaneously been so aware of how we impact each other by what we say and do. As we move through this crisis together I am notice a more earnest connection with those I interact with, either online or in those occasional moments of meeting in person, over a wall or cueing to get into the supermarket.

Each utterance is an invitation for our listeners to get involved. And when the call lands, they feel moved to step up to co-create.

How can we show care and compassion in a world without touch?

What words bring a feeling of togetherness when we are forced apart as a society?

In our blog we suggest ways to align your speaking and writing with what is most needed.

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I’d love to hear about how the communication is working in your new emergent groups right now… What challenges are coming up? What communication solutions are you creating?

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