Imagine if you meditated before any significant speaking moment, such as an important meeting, delicate conversation, or speaking on stage. How might this affect your presence and delivery? Perhaps you’d feel more centered and grounded before you speak. As you think what to say, you may find your mind clear and alert, and able to prioritise your thoughts easily. And yes there is more… A deep sense of purpose, almost as though you are being guided.

Is meditation the answer to all your speaking challenges? – Probably not.  Will it help you become a better speaker? –  Definitely!!

I can hands-down say that meditation has helped me become a more subtle and nuanced communicator. It has brought much purpose and clarity to my speaking as a whole, and inspires me to coach speaking at a deep and fully attuned level. Speaking at its simplest is a bridge from our inner world to the inner world of others. At its richest it is also connected to what wants to emerge through that interaction – a higher inspiration and purpose. 

Meditation is something I have done on and off for more than 10 years.  From vipassana 10-day silent meditations, to daily mantra-meditations, all the way to movement meditations through a dedicated tai chai and chi gong practice. Whilst each one has taught me different things they all share three qualities.

How does meditation make you a better speaker?

The three superpowers of meditation are; 

  • Clearing the channel
  • Aligning with your intuitive self
  • Attuning to the universe’s wisdom. 

If you have ever meditated then you will likely have a sense of what I speak off here.  These three qualities are all essential to speaking in service to something greater than you. Inviting us to imagine a way through the crisis in our humanity, from a community to a global scale?

Service is the river a great speaker flows within.

If your relate to this then you likely feel compelled to speak up for your cause, business, project or community, but sometimes feel your mind is full of distractions or anxiety. Or perhaps your message is cluttered with “um’s” and “eerrs”, disjointed sentences, or rambling streams of consciousness. The challenge is less about the mechanics of speaking (voice, breath, posture), and almost all about what state of awareness you are speaking from. 

Speaking is a collective experience.  

Your audience is your most obvious collective; the people you are speaking with or to. And yet there remain two other audiences. Stay with me, for these other audiences move us beyond our material existence. Your most personal audience is your intuitive self.  The seat of your integrity.  When we commune with the intuitive self. we know that what we say is fully aligned with what we think, feel and believe. The remaining audience to include is the universal consciousness.  When we are in dialogue with this audience we know our purpose.  We feel purposeful and in service to something greater than ourselves.

Here’s how these qualities make you an awesome speaker.

Clear the channel

In order to know what to say we must become a clear channel for what wants to move through us.  Through meditation we clear the distractions and static that block the deeper consciousness from emerging within us. This noise in your awareness can come in many forms.  Emerging in the mental space as; list of todo’s,  conversations you need to have, something you’re trying not to forget.  They can also emerge in the emotional space as anxiety, nerves, worry.  All of these scattered pieces of you are pulling your awareness in a thousand directions.  What if you were able to gather all of these pieces of you back in, and settle them down, even if only for a short while, so that you felt clear and ready to speak.

Align with your intuitive self

Our intuitive self is an ever-present companion who we slip in and out of alignment with all the time. You may know this part of you as a ‘gut feeling’. When we are seated in our own Kingdom we know what we need and what is true for us. The boundaries within which we are willing to share and negotiate become sacred and crystal clear. Without your intuitive self as a guide it can be hard to describe what truly matters to you. When you speak from the intuitive seat you are your own greatest authority, and deeply seated in your own integrity. No one can take that away from you. What you think, feel and believe is true for you. From that alignment you can never miss-represent yourself. 

Attune to the universe’s wisdom

This quality transcends the everyday, shifting our relationship with speaking from obligation to a purpose. As I understand it, the universe’s wisdom is the source of all inspiration. When you speak from inspiration it is as though something is moving through you- a sense of being in service to something greater than you. You feel inspired, purposeful and confident, communicating with effortless ease. There is no greater life than to be in service to something that is truly aligned with your own beliefs and integrity. What if you never had to work out what to say next, and instead found the words easily landing in your awareness in the moment.

“It is of you, through you, but ultimately not about you.”

Speaking from a confident, clear and present state is the desire of any speaker.  Is meditation the answer to all your speaking challenges? – Probably not.  Will it help you become a better speaker? –  Definitely!!

Can you remember a speaker who was truly captivating? Where it felt like they spoke about poignant and resonant things for you. When you felt considered and included by them. Someone who responded elegantly and dynamically to questions or shifts in the room like an improvising pro!? 

These are the qualities that come alive when you speak in a fully attuned way – attuned to your intuitive self, your audience’s needs and what wants to emerge. This, for me, is true speaking. It is of you, through you, but ultimately not about you. 

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