It is a calling to serve something bigger than yourself through the collective action of your organisation.

Evolutionary purpose is so much more than a vision or a mission statement. It is a calling to serve something bigger than yourself through the collective action of an organisation.

My collaborator Edith Frissen and I have been exploring what is needed to communicate evolutionary purpose through writing and speaking. We have managed to summarise it into 5 key characteristics.

How is evolutionary purpose different from what people normally mean by purpose?

The main difference is this; when you are in service to something bigger than you, you are also in dialogue with it. Call in inspiration, call it the divine, call it whatever you like. It is a tangible sense of working with and for something that wants to emerge through you or your organisation.

5 things you need to communicate your organisation’s deeper calling.

  1. Attuning to what really matters
  2. Showing up first
  3. Using invitational questions
  4. Feeling into the shared communication space
  5. Improvising with open awareness

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