How do we move beyond oppositional linguistic norms into language that is more mutually-generative and inclusive?

You know you’re aligned when the conversation goes off like a rocket. Recording this podcast was an absolute pleasure! 

@voicebodyelissa and I go back a good few years. Elissa weaves together embodied and scientific approaches to coaching speaking, and is a regular inspiration to me. 

We are both voice and speaking coaches, carving out space for a new and emerging #conversationculture through our work. 

We find ourselves in a society where people often don’t feel safe Be it #blm , #covid19 , divisive #politics, or any other number of triggers. 

❓  How do we reach across the chasm of our divisions and connect?

❓  How do we discuss things we disagree on and still find congruence and mutual respect?

❓  What is the conversation culture we need to create a fair and thriving future for all?

This is what we discuss in this podcast.

Check out the original podcast here

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