Thea May is the speaking coach for the new wave of change makers!

Founder & Lead Coach

I call myself an Attuned Speaking Coach, because I reach way beyond coaching speaking skills.  My coaching method is about the speaking-flow-state.

Thea is an excellent and intuitive

coach, with a particular gift for inspiring confidence and working in a holistic way to engage the body.

Highly recommended!

Previous Client

It weaves together my committed meditation practice, my dedicated tai chi study and my love for spoken word performance.

The last decade of my coaching journey has brought me to now working exclusively with positive impact speakers on their spoken communication.

My clients are all called to speak up for something bigger than themselves. 

Passionate change-makers with something to say, but who get flustered when the pressure is on

People with a purpose and a desire to communicate it with their whole self

Big thinkers with a message to share and a will to make it count, even under pressure

Straight talkers alienated by business jargon and superficial chit-chat

I am a firm believer that individual voices can change the status quo.

My style is playful, direct and nurturing. I’ll encourage you and draw you out,  challenge you to become the biggest version of yourself and support you in making the shift.

I’m a fierce champion of those who are speaking into a thriving future for all.

I truly love this work, and can hardly wait to share it with you!