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The Body Speaks

Politicians and public figures know all too well the power of body language and gesture. Often trained in the language of the body, but not always successful in the delivery. I wrote an blog during the recent UK election priod looking at the leading parties communication styles.


The UK's political leaders pre election 2015

The UK’s political leaders pre election 2015

These are people whose professional lives are governed by public speaking. It is therefore essential that they speak not only the language of the mind, but also the language of the body.



In the blog I wrote for City Academy I analyse each leaders individual speaking style, and then give a breakdown on what sort of body language works and how to integrate it into your own communication.

To find out more read the Blog on the City Academy webite here

Changing Your Communication Habits

I have been reading a lot about the neuroscience of changing habits. It is an utterly fascinating topic and at the heart of all my teaching.

habit (1)


Something old

Something new

Change a habit

And you change you



When I am working with clients on their communication skills the main thing we are doing is swapping current communication habits, which are not effective, for more effective ones. As human we need to function by habit otherwise our brain gets overwhelmed.

The key to habit changing is motivation coupled with repetition, repetition, repetition!

To find out more read the Blog I recently did for City Academy here