Working With Voice trains your speaking-flow-state!

Despite what the education system and soft skills training would have you believe you were not empowered to be yourself and speak your Truth. You were mis-sold the idea that there is a cookie-cutter way of speaking with confidence. Not true!!

The only way is your way. With your unique style, and connected to your personal truth.

This coaching is rare in its approach. Working With Voice is the only speaking coaching that trains your speaking-flow-state before your speaking skills! Any speaking skills needed can then be added later, but you must be in the driving seat first!

It is so much more than public speaking coaching or soft skills training.

It is also the only online speaking coaching that shows you how to use Theta brain waves as a speaking tool. (Theta-what??) Theta State is a naturally occurring brain state that is free flowing, without censorship or guilt (the best feeling ever!). Bring your nervous system and thought patterns out of fear and to-do lists, into a deep self-connection, clarity and speaking-flow.

This approach shift habits in the subtle layers, and prepares you for any speaking moment, so you can show up in the world with your own special speaking confidence and charisma.

GAIN the superpower to speak with confidence and integrity in any area of your life.

DEEPEN self-connection and self-awareness

RECEIVE radical levels of accountability (even beyond the program itself) around your authenticity, so you don’t need to slip back into hiding behind your persona

SETTLE into your own speaking style, unique to you and how you come most alive!


We start with your speaking-flow-state. This lands you in a responsive and grounded speaking confidence where you trust yourself right from the start.

Then we play with lots of different content, both brought by you and given by me. You tap into a wellspring of vivid and relevant stories, facts, figures, quotes, research, and explanations already within you. By the end of the coaching you will be able to draw upon these any time you speak. 

✅  Significantly reduce your stress & anxiety around speaking

✅  Connect meaningfully with those around you, professionally and socially

✅  Share your thoughts, stories, feelings and ideas, with grace and confidence

✅  Distill and prioritise what needs to be said in the moment

✅  Personalised handouts to help you do it again and again

You learn to riff in the moment, and speak on the fly like a pro.

The thing is, you have most the material you need already within you, if only you could connect to it in the moment. In your speaking-flow-state everything you already know and more is intrinsically woven into your experiential body-mind,  so you can speak effortlessly on your chosen topic.

It was brilliant. The words just flow, and I wasn’t worried about trying to get it right. 



It combines your unique speaking-style with your truth in the moment.

Your critical mind has a nasty habit of criticising, micromanaging and second-guessing how you communicate in the moment. On overdrive it leaves you self-judging, with hesitant, with uncertain and clumsy speech. Arrrgghh!!

Your speaking-flow-state is effortlessly spontaneous, without censorship or guilt. You might have experienced it with a good friend, or a stranger on a long journey. The anxiety slips off your tightened shoulders and you lean into the connection. Thoughts emerge with clarity as you navigate the interaction with ease.

Place your values and integrity at the center of your speaking.

Get off your usual script, completely!

Show up in all your uniqueness

Be free from speaking of blocks that have been in your shadow for so long!

Feel prepared for any speaking arena.

Create new and aligned connections with others on the go.

Never misrepresent yourself ever again!!

That was really wonderful! When we were doing the exercises I got such a clear sense of who I am, I love myself and I can just allow it all. It felt like I could speak and it’s my truth.



There are two ways to work together. One focuses more on a specific speaking context or challenge. The other stretches into your relationship with speaking more broadly. 


3 x 90 min sessions

This program is ideal for those who have some confidence and want to feel ready for that specific speaking context. Maybe you are preparing for a talk, hosting a panel or getting married. We will hone in on the exact challenge you have and get you comfortable and ready to meet that world.

This coaching follows the structure below, flexing to meet where the greatest need is for you.

The Light Touches

Connect to your unique speaking style

Gain the specific speaking skills you need for that context

Transform nerves into excitement and charisma

Every session nurtures your speaking-flow-state alongside preparing you for your upcoming speaking event. 


10 x 60 min sessions

The Deep Dive is a an expansive exploration of your speaking state and challenges. Together we will unpick the speaking-blocks that have ended up in your system over time. Bring in any speaking skills you personally need. Reconnect you to yourself and your innate speaking flow.

This coaching follows the structure below, flexing to meet where the greatest need is for you.

The Deep Dives

Embody your unique and natural speaking style

Connect with what needs to be said in the moment

Structure in thought or speech

Adapt for specific speaking moments in your life

Every session nurtures your speaking-flow-state alongside the focus of the Deep Dive at the time. 


Bonus #1

Developing new skills take practice. Between every session you can send me up to three live recordings (eg: video, audio, livestream links) for detailed feedback. You will receive feedback unique to your speaking style as well as the new skills you are developing.

Bonus #2

You can do this for free one more time after your coaching is complete to help you prepare for an important speaking moment in the future.

Bonus #3

Get free access to your first Living Experiment Practice Session.

Speaking is one of the most established habits we have! Think about when you learned to speak ~ it was a looooong time ago!! So that why I have created a drop-in place for you to keep find tuning your new habit.

These are monthly groups online calls to help your speaking-flow-state become the most natural thing in the world. I will be there on hand for troubleshooting and tips. Bring all your questions and explorations of this work on the go into a wonderfully low risk practice space. Ask me anything in these sessions! Practice with someone also growing as a speaker like you.

Become the speaker you always dreamed of!

I noticed such a directionality in the speaking, the eyes, the voice all strong. It felt like stepping in my power.

Past Client


To support the participation of people of all income levels and life circumstances, I offer a sliding scale fee structure (three levels).

You are encourage you to make generous, open-hearted choices that support yourself and the wider community. All participants receive the same services regardless of how much they are able to contribute. 

I trust you to choose the one that is relevant to you.

No questions asked.



£1195 – £1825


£2650 – £3975


There is a 10 day cooling off period.

If the coaching doesn’t feel like a good fit there is another opportunity to get a full refund up to 48 hours before your second session.

I had never thought about it in that way, I just thought speaking was speaking.

Past Client


Aside from the live transformative coaching sessions themselves, look at what else you get!

~ Lifetime access to your session recordings

~ FREE Warm Up Exercises before you start the coaching

~ Additional relevant guidance, videos and audio coaching from Thea throughout your coaching

~ Join a network of other positive change makers and people committed to speaking their truth

~ Become part of the change, and help create a new communication culture for people and planet

~ Get lifetime access to a unique set of meditations for Attuned Speaking and your Natural Speaking State

~ Early access to special communication skills mini workshops

~ Ongoing community support and invites to group masterminds with Thea and a vibrant group of other speakers

~ Lifetime access to the Natural Speaking State online community (coming soon)

~ An unconditional money-back guarantee within 48 hours after the first session, so you can be sure this coaching is a perfect fit for you!

~ Bonus guided visualisation exercise with Thea May

Totally achievable,

and totally transformational.

Past Client


Get 60% off a 2 hour Master Class with Thea May after your program is complete.

Use Your Natural Speaking Flow State To Create A Signature Talk

This offer is not available to the general public!!

Usually £225 pp. For you it would be £90!

Find your unique speaking style

Source your words from your truth

Bring the listener with you


Attend the free online workshops to get a feel for me as a coach


Complete the signup form and get the link to book your first session right now!

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