What if you could tap into a naturally existing speaking-flow-state that is already within you, and say what you truly mean!


The speaking-flow-state is a naturally occuring way of being, completely free of self doubt and self criticism.

It comes alive when you are fully aligned with you truth. To do this you need to connect to three different speaking flows;

  • Your conviction
  • The love
  • Your inspiration

We are not crafting a script here. Together we will source the most powerful language you need to easily speak about social change in your life and work. 

Speaking in this way is not an act of remembering what to say and do. You learn to be in the right state to tap into the bubbling spring of what you need to say in the moment – with confidence. 

It lets me attune to what I truly want to say in this moment, so that others can receive it in the way that I truly mean it.

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The rational mind has a nasty habit of criticising, micromanaging and second-guessing how you communicate in the moment. On overdrive it can leave you with hesitant, uncertain and clumsy speech. 

Speak From Within draws upon your conviction, the love for what you speak about and what inspires you to speak about it.  This powerful trinity lands your speaking fully in the body and your intuition, harnessing the rational mind for the wonderful incisive tool that it is; to carve out the facts and clarity around your message. 


By the end of the programme you will have a vivid body of relevant stories, facts, figures, quotes, research, and explanations that you can draw upon any time you speak about what is important to you.  They will be intrinsically woven into your experiential body-mind,  so you can speak effortlessly on your topic.

It is particularly aimed at speaking into social change. However don’t worry if you haven’t got your personal message yet, this program will draw it out and bubble it to the surface in clear and confident language.

With this body of intuitive language you could easily;

Place your values at the center of your speaking

Speak off your usual scripts, completely and with confidence

Show up in all your uniqueness and truth

Tap into your own natural speaking flow-state.


This group format consist of eight coaching sessions. 

Each week you will practice speaking with a different relationship to the speaking moment. By the end you will be able to bring them all together.


~ Modules covered over eight weeks ~

Grounding to prepare your speaking state

Tap into your natural speaking flow

Draw upon the belly fire for confidence

Feel through the heart for joy and love

Open to inspiration for spontaneity & purpose

Comfort the overcritical rational mind 

Inviting not convincing 

Speak with poise

Part 1 ~ Prepare your speaking state

How often do you feel like you’ve got too many thoughts in your head, or you can’t even think of anything to say?  Thea will give you a set of state-changing practices that you can use anytime anywhere to return to your relaxed and clear speaking state.

Highlights include.. 

  • A simple meditation technique that frees you up anxieties and distractions
  • Start using stillness and silence as a powerful speaking tool 
  • Settling into the body so so you feel and look comfortable in your own skin
  • Transform yourself from passive to active as a speaker

Part 2 ~ Source the words you need from within

Now we go inside for the powerful and aligned language that is naturally occurring within you. Shift the perception that you are not educated enough, old enough, clever enough, posh enough – or whatever your barrier to speaking is. You will connect with your unique communication gift and articulate the social issues that are important to you.

Highlights include.. 

  • Connect to the three sources of aligned speaking already present within you
  • Master how to use aligned language as the most powerful connector to self and other
  • Know how this set of language brings your whole speaking instrument to life; – voice, breath, gesture
  • Understand how misalignment makes speaking much harder AND distracts the listener from the message
  • Experience the exquisite life-affirming shift that comes from fully owning your words in the moment
  • Learn how to use the critical mind as a beautiful incisive and inquisitive speaking tool instead of it giving you self doubt

Part 3 ~ Bring the listener with you

Every speaker needs a listener. In this final part the listener becomes an ever-present mews.  This connection carries your speaking fully into the real world and gives it a direction.  Here is where social change really comes alive as conversation, action and even transformation.

Highlights include.. 

  • Learn how to let interactions energise you (even if you are an introvert!)
  • Letting go of that exhausting feeling of convincing somebody, and mastering the art of inviting people in
  • Know how to stay connected to your authenticity and integrity

There is nothing to remember as this new way of speaking lives in the body and emerges in significant speaking moments.

Begin to create a new habit around speaking, so you can show up, be heard and enjoy the conversation. 

Learn to speak in this attuned flow state, full of confidence and exquisitely connected to your purpose.

Thea extracted information I knew was there but couldn’t find!

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To support the participation of people of all income levels and life circumstances, I offer a sliding scale fee structure (three levels).

You are encourage you to make generous, open-hearted choices that support yourself and the wider community. All participants receive the same services regardless of how much they are able to contribute. 

I trust you to choose which one is relevant to you. No questions asked.


Full payment: Automatically collected via GoCardless direct debit one week before your start date, or you can use the ‘pay now’ button on your invoice.

Split payments: The first payment is automatically collected via GoCardless one week before the start date. All following payments will be collected via your GoCardless details on 26th on the following two months

* All payment options can be split into 3 monthly instalments (10%discount for paying in full).

Investing in positive change starts within and becomes a collective act.


Group Fees

Low Income £435

Standard Income £590

Supporter £675

There are two places available on on a pay-what-you-can basis. Available by accepted application only. Contact me directly to discuss. Conditions apply. 

11- available on request


All sessions are recorded for reviewing.


ENDS Dec 1

7 – 9pm

WEEK 1: Oct 13

WEEK 2: Oct 20

WEEK 3: Oct 27

WEEK 4: Nov 3

WEEK 5: Nov 10

WEEK 6: Nov 17

WEEK 7: Nov 24

WEEK 8: Dec 1

The program runs for 8 weeks


Aside from the live transformative coaching sessions themselves, look at what else you get!

~ Lifetime access to your personal Speak From Within program with Thea May

~ Learn alongside others who care about social change

~ FREE Warm Up Exercises before the start of the program

~ Discount access to 1-1 follow on coaching with Thea May

~ Get daily guidance, video and audio coaching from Thea for eight weeks

~ Join a network of other change makers

~ Get lifetime access to a unique set of meditations for Attuned Speaking

~ Special access to a set of special communication skills enhancing mini workshops

~ Receive early invites to the transformative When It Matters coaching program that only happens twice a year

~ Ongoing community support and invites to group masterminds with Thea and a vibrant group of other speakers

~ Lifetime access to the Speak From Within Facebook Community (coming soon)

~ An unconditional money-back guarantee within 48 hours after the first session, so you can be sure this program is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.

Bonus: Guided visualization exercise with Thea May

Speak From Within
Change the world around you!


Secure your spot on the SPEAK FROM WITHIN program with Thea May this autumn.

Come if you want to speak your Truth whether in big or small ways. 

Come if you care about living in a fair and equal society. 

Come and find YOUR words for the world you want to live in and speak it into reality. 

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Unconditional money-back guarantee!!
~10 day cooling off period from signing up
~ Another opportunity within 48 hours after your first session

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Prepare your speaking state

Source the words you need from within

Bring the listener with you


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