Are you called to speak up for something
bigger than yourself?

Are you creating solutions directly to meet that calling

If you struggle with feeling like a natural communicator,
and become anxious, tongue-tied, or stuck then keep reading…

I crafted WHEN IT MATTERS for people like you. Someone who wants to feel confident speaking up. Someone who doesn’t feel the need for strict lines between the different worlds they inhabit. Someone doing the hard work to create positive change in this world. 


WHEN IT MATTERS is so much more than professional speaking coaching. It begins with your professional speaking needs; your business, project or campaign and then reaches far beyond; seamlessly moving across every area of your life, because you are practicing how to have conversations that matters.

This program shows you how to;

  • Prepare your whole being for a richer quality of communication before you begin to speak
  • Grow your capacity to navigate tensions and freely improvise in the emerging moment 
  • Nourishe and energise everyone engaged, even if it is a challenging conversation

Over three month program you will have a transformative time and space to practice being truly seen and heard around your chosen theme. To practice showing up FULLY. To rewrite your own speaking habit and align your thoughts, words and actions with what matters most to you. 

I will not teach you to ‘fake it till you make it’. 

You will learn to show up confidently – with your whole being – for what matters to you – in every interaction!

You held a space me for to communicate in a way I never would have normally.  The creative focus on the content of what I was saying switched the focus away from the self, so that angst seemed an irrelevance. It is very simple and also profound.

Previous participant


This program Is not for everyone. You must have an existing positive impact project, purpose, business or campaign. You have either been working in your field for a minimum of 2 years or have relevant life experience.  

So step forward… 

  • If you cannot stay silent anymore
  • If you are leaning into to the more challenging conversations
  • If the craziness of our times calls you to step up and do something
  • If racism, dwindling biodiversity and inequality disturbs your core
  • If you struggle to fully articulate your frustrations and worries
  • If you are ready to stand for something you believe in 
  • If you want the company of others who are working to transform how we live together

WHEN IT MATTERS is better than public speaking skills!

It gets right under the skin of your usual business chit chat, elevator speech, and sales pitch. It invites you to identify the deepest “why” of your speaking, and to anchor yourself in that as if everything depends on it…and it does!

Your ability to communicate well is arguably the single most important skill in your life.

I would recommend this to anyone
who is thinking deeply about how they communicate what matters to them.

Previous participant


I feel called to support people who are ready to speak into how we can thrive socially, technologically and environmentally.

In the past ten years, I have worked with thousands of people who have doubted their natural speaking ability! Time and again they have surprised themselves. They hardly recognise the confident and compelling speaker that emerges in our sessions.

Empowering voices that will change society for the better.

Now, I only support speakers who are ready to speak up for something bigger than themselves People who are ready to create more than ‘just another presentation’. People who want to create ‘positive change’ by what they say and do’.

I am utterly blown away by the inspiring stories, and left breathless by the captivating impact of what truly matters to them.

12 Changemakers



WHEN IT MATTERS is an immersive & embodied coaching experience. Over three months we will come together physically and virtually to practice and prepare you for your most urgent conversations. 

This is a journey of four distinct parts. 

  • Dining together
  • 3.5 day workshop
  • 90 days real life experiments
  • Closing dinner 

We begin with a long weekend. Dining together on the Thursday evening, we arrive and settle in. Here you can set you intentions for the work, and the accountability begins. Friday – Sunday is spent in workshop, as we dive deep in a dynamic and immerse way. We unpick your communication habit and start weaving the new one in its place.

As we go our own ways, you move into a transformative 90-day practice in your everyday life. You are supported regularly by me and your group via remote video calls. This helps you weave your new way of being through all your conversations in every area of your life. 

We come together one last time for our Closing Dinner. This is where you reflect and acknowledge how your conversations and interactions have changed. You will also distill what you need to continue to grow your communication skills. 

Cross the boundaries of your own discomforts in being truly seen and heard. In this liminal space you will find the words and courage to call in the change you want to create in the world.

By the end of our time together you will;

Breathe more easily when the pressure is on

Find the words landing on your tongue like a gift

Lighten your load, and feel the ease that comes from speaking in flow


The program is for 12 committed changemakers. Each cohort is chosen thoughtfully. I take time to meet with each person interested in joining, and find out more about their work and the positive change they want to create. 

It is vital that each member of the group is consciously working towards a positive impact that resonates personally.

Application happens in four stages

  1. Register interest at the bottom of this page 
    • I will contact you shortly afterwards with some more info and the next step
  2. Attend ‘WM-Taster’ or  Lean In Callwith me, Thea May
    • This is so we can both meet (if we haven’t already), and I can find out more about you and your mission. But you can also ask me any questions. 
  3. Apply online If it feels like a good fit 
    • Give yourself time to fully feel into the questions, and sense if now is the right time for you.
  4. Join the next cohort by making your first or full payment
    • Shortly after applications close I will invite the 12 people in for the upcoming cohort.

Be one of this years changemakers!

Register your interest and we will be in touch very soon

“It has been really freeing.”


To support the participation of people of all income levels and life circumstances, I offer a sliding scale fee structure (three levels) that allows each person to choose how much they are able to pay to attend the program. We encourage people to make generous, open-hearted choices that support themselves and the community. All participants receive the same services regardless of how much they are able to contribute. 

Investing in positive change starts within and becomes a collective act.

Beta investment: £1200 to £2300 
(only available in 2020)
Full fee breakdown sent after registration

I trust you to choose which one is relevant to you. All payment options can be split into 3 or 5 monthly installments (10% fee will be added for this service). After the first payment, all following payments will be taken on the last day of each month.

Payment Options

  1. Low income
  2. General income
  3. Supporter

Early Birds
Closes 31st Aug 2020

There are x2 low-income tickets available on a pay-what-you-can basis. 
Available by accepted application only. Contact me directly to discuss. Conditions apply. 

** Application is not automatic acceptance.

I feel like there’s this curtain,
a translucent curtain that I’m slowly lifting up, and it’s like what is beyond that,
who am I beyond that?


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Do you want to feel… 

Fully prepared–confident, relaxed, and clear–before you begin speaking?

The aliveness and ease that comes from speaking in flow while re-imagining new ways forward?

Energized and grateful as you let go and move into the next moment, with all boxes ticked?

If it is a “YES!” then REGISTER and be the first to find out when the doors open.

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