Speak with confidence and ease in English

English is now the world’s leading international language and is therefore expressed through many different accents. Successful communication relies on being clear and engaging. By learning the style and sounds of the English language, exploring intonation, articulation, rhythm and stress you will gain the key to unlock you career and social life.

This course will teach you the rules of rhythm and intonation when speaking English so that your speech flows more easily. It also covers all the speech sounds you need so that you can identify and reproduce them. My teaching methods are innovative yet simple and logical, leading to profound and lasting results. You will finish your course with a powerful toolkit to master your spoken English in any situation.

 £30  /  1hr


Helping you feel like you when you speak is at the heart of the all the teaching.  A good communicator is CLEAR and ENAGING.  Working With Voice believes that the best communication happens when there is balance between clear pronunciation and engaging communication.



• Speech anatomy (lips, jaw, tongue, etc)
• Analysis of your current speech and accent
• Speech muscle exercises to help you find new sounds
• Introduction to the Phonetic Alphabet for accurate sound analysis
• Your tricky vowels & consonants in Neutral British English
• Speech in motion (linking, intonation, stress patterns, etc.)
• Speaking confidently, including basic body language and eye contact



• Find it much easier to hear and identify the sounds of English
• Articulators will be more flexible, making English speech sounds easier and more accurate
• Mastered your tricky vowels & consonants
• Increased your confidence and effectiveness as a communicator
• Identify and reproduce the rhythm and intonation of English speech
• Many long lasting changes in your speech


Your free course pack includes

  • A copy of the full Accent Softening handbook 
  • Resource pack tailored to your areas
  • Link to download the accompanying CD including all British vowels and consonants, rhythm & intonation tips
  • Exercises designed for the way you learn best
  • Final report detailing your areas for development
  • Focused practice tips designed for your future practice after the course
  • Before and after recordings so you can clearly see the difference


* All session are taught 1-1 in a lovely purpose set-up studio in zone 2 (N16)

x6    1hr sessions     £495

x12  1hr sessions     £900