Everyday Voice


Your voice goes before you, introducing you to the world. Within the voice is the power to help you connect with others, express your thoughts, and gather information. By exploring breath, tone, range, articulation and volume you can learn to use your voice with confidence and ease to meet the demands of your daily life. Once unlocked, this extraordinary expressive tool will expand your life to where you want to go.

This course is designed to build your relationship with your voice and its potential. It will also give you a good understanding in the mechanics of voice and breath so that you can use your voice with greater confidence, freedom and ease.

 £30  /  1hr


  • Use your voice with confidence, ease and clarity
  • Develop your personal vocal style
  • Understand and overcome any negative physical and vocal habits
  • Develop good posture for easy vocal delivery
  • Gain a personalised warm up and vocal care tool kit
  • Learn appropriate breathing and support techniques
  • Explore different aspects of your voice and expand its range
  • Feel able to use and explore your voice more freely

Appropriate for…

  • Dealing with vocal health issues
  • Developing healthy vocal habits
  • Building your vocal confidence
  • Building a stronger relationship with your voice
  • Exploring your voice for your own pleasure and curiosity


* All session are taught 1-1 in a lovely purpose set-up studio in zone 2 (N16)

x5    1hr sessions     £340

x10  1hr sessions     £650