Voice for Business

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Your voice and body are powerful tools enabling you to stand out, and develop your career in the direction you want. Used well they communicate integrity, confidence, authority, compassion or enthusiasm. An essential part of professional life is the ability to catch and sustain your listeners’ attention. Learning to use your voice and body together in subtle ways allows you to shape the impact you have in any given situation.

This course is designed to develop your voice into the versatile tool you need it to be to support the needs of your professional life. You will learn how to present to small or large audiences, get heard in meetings and deliver your message effectively and with confidence.

 £30  /  1hr


  • Know how to build an authentic connection with the listener or audience
  • Speak with confidence, ease and clarity
  • Understand and overcome any negative physical and vocal habits
  • Acquire an extensive warm up and vocal care tool kit
  • Develop good posture for effective vocal delivery
  • Master positive, confident body language so you have Presence
  • Gain appropriate breathing and support techniques
  • Learn resonance and emphasis techniques to speak with authority
  • Manage nerves and feel present
  • Know how to make the message and the vocal use match up for maximum impact
  • Use of recording so you can reflect more objectively on your progress

Appropriate for …

  • Developing your professional vocal self
  • Presenting well to small or large audiences
  • Master nerves and feel confident speaking


* All session are taught 1-1 in a lovely purpose set-up studio in zone 2 (N16)

x6    1hr sessions     £415

x12  1hr sessions     £775