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Coaching For Your Team


I offer three different types of workshop for teams.

Networking through your values

Networking can be torture or it can be a joy. The difference is connection…
This workshop teaches you how to entice people into an engaging conversations from the first moment. Whether it is about your service or how you could work together in the future, relationship is at the heart of all good networking. I will show you the difference between awkwardly giving them your business card and leaving them with an enjoyable memory of you ~ meaning they want to be in touch again because they resonate with you and your values.

Pitching for change

There is pitching, and then there is pitching for change!
Positive impact pitching doesn’t just pitch a service, it pitches a world view. You’re not just looking for customers, you are also looking for allies. People who want to see the change you want to create with your mission. I will show you how to use resonance to inspire the listener and turn customers into allies.

Embody your brand

In changemaking businesses you are your brand’s ambassador.
You are the reference point for the business when someone meets you. Why does this matter? Think of it this way… What quality do you want people to associate with your business? Enthusiasm, integrity, playfulness, vulnerability…. All these qualities are human qualities. I will show you how to embody them when you are speaking with people, so that every person can get a feel for your business as well as the information they need.


From £1200

All workshops are available as 90 minute tasters for up to 30 people max
All workshops are offered in half or whole day format.