Pitching For Change

Pitching purpose before product

Pitching For Change is a one day workshop specifically aimed at Social Entrepreneurs.

You’re purpose is bold, and it lives within you. It’s the fire in your belly that propels you onward! But sometimes you get tongue-tied and flustered when you have to speak up about it. Especially when pitching.

That’s because it really matters to you. You care deeply about what you are creating, and this makes it harder to show up. Your care is your USP!

This workshop places your purpose on the tip of your tongue. Curates your care into deep-felt words. And So you can draw those who resonate towards you. People don’t buy social for the service, they buy it to connect to own their own values.

“The training helped me to understand the power of words and speech. Taking the time out of a busy schedule to focus on a critical aspect of my work was very valuable.”



  • The mindset shift of pitching your purpose before your product
  • Feel confident talking about your business in meetings or networking
  • Connect with like minded do-gooders

“We are part of a global movement, a global movement for change.”

Angela Constance, Member of the Scottish Parliament
and Cabinet Secretary for Communities


New dates coming soon…

Fee £90 – £175

Limited Early bird tickets available
** There are x3 low income tickets available on a pay-what-you-can basis.
Available by accepted application only.
Contact me directly to discuss. Conditions apply.

So come and learn to pitch purpose before product.
And reel people in because the resonate with your reasons.