Want to try before you buy? No problem!

This taster will give you an experience of the essence of my coaching style and format, so you can feel if it is right for you… Plus you come away with a great new speaking tool for shaping your ideas!

What is attuned speaking I hear you ask? Attuned to what?

Attuned Speaking is a speaking practice I’ve created for speakers like you – who strongly believe in creating a fairer and more equal society!

Learn to speak from your belly fire, the love for what you speak about, and feel deliciously connected to what inspired you!

I will show you how to speak with all three qualities alive in your language and delivery. From this state you know exactly what to say, and how to express it.

It is easy to do, and transformative when done.

Feels great that in under 60 minutes we could connect AND I came away with a fantastic tool!

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Re-energise your relationship with speaking

– Find new and vividly clear ways to describe your work

Connect strongly to that delicious sense of purpose

Treat yourself to a joyous free coaching session where you get to receive the gifts of clarity, confidence and purpose in your speaking.

Who wouldn’t want that!?

I never thought that a taster session could do so much

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This 1 hour mini-workshop is perfect for those who love the dynamics and delights of learning with others.

These run regularly, at various different times of day. Choose the time that works for you.

1 hour online workshop