Core program

When It Matters is an intensive communication coaching program,
that will transform your relationship with your voice and body,
and allow you to show up, speak up and deliver, anytime, anywhere…

~ Practice being unprepared ~

“I would recommend this to anybody who wants their work to be connected to their values.”

Melissa Abecassis

Who’s it for?

This is coaching for visionary people who want to be great speakers: excellent at spontaneous communication and at ease embodying the message they’re here to share.

  • Passionate change-makers with something to say, but who get flustered when the pressure is on
  • People with a purpose and a desire to communicate it with your whole self
  • Big thinkers with a message to share and a will to make it count, even under pressure
  • Straight talkers alienated by business jargon and superficial chit-chat

If you’re ready to lose the anxiety, find your voice and make it heard, I invite you into a space were you can practice that bigger version of you; to take off the mask and de-cloak the brilliance that is you. Emerge unashamed, unafraid, and relish standing rooted in what really matters.

It’s not about presentation it’s about being present.

“I feel like there’s this curtain, a translucent curtain that I’m slowly pulling up, and it is like what is beyond that, who am I beyond that.”
Katie Crepeau

What’s different about When It Matters?

Most presentation and communication skills programs work top down, teaching you techniques you can implement to improve your presentations.

How are you showing up?

When It Matters works in a deeper way, getting to the core of your response in high-stakes speaking moments and addressing these unhelpful states and the thoughts that create them. Rather than relying on tools and techniques, I’ll lead you to the heart of who you are and how you do things best.

Then together we’ll anchor this in your body and voice, so whenever you need to show up and speak up, you’re in touch with your message by being in touch with yourself.

There’s nothing to remember, and everything to gain, so you can get forget the anxiety and get on with saying what needs to be said.

WHEN IT MATTERS explores three core questions

  • How can you bring your whole self to the speaking moment?
  • How can your body enliven your most important message?
  • Which words would you marshal to your cause?


The Program in Detail

Throughout the five-week group intensive you’ll take part in face-to-face coaching, video call check-ins and online support. You’ll also have lots of opportunity to flex your communication muscles, with real life practice tasks tailored to you.

We’ll increase your awareness of the four core areas, so you are living and breathing with your audience in any context, and communicating your message with your whole self.

By developing four-fold awareness, you become fully equipped for any speaking situation

Awareness areas

  • Know yourself to engage your full impact.
  • Learn to read your audience and invite them in
  • Use your energy to embody your message with gesture, tone and pitch variety.
  • Learn ease in responding to any situation on the spot

When It Matters creates a structured and supportive learning environment to increase your presence, lean into your innate strengths and give voice to your most important message through your unique personality.

The Structure

5 weeks sharing
30 hours coaching

12 people growing

When It Matters: Group Program is an intensive 5-week group coaching program for people who are ready to express what really matters to them. We will spend 30hrs together going deep and emerging strong.

Deep and intensive five-week group program for maximum 12 people

Week 1:           Deep-dive 3.5-day intensive (weekend)

Weeks 2-4:      Online check-in calls (alternate between 1-1 & group)

Week 5:           Face-to-face closing session (weekday evening)

“I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking deeply about how they can communicate what matters to them.”

Andy Hix

What you get

  • Two 1-1 sessions to go deeper into your personal strengths and stretches
  • Personalised tips & practice-tasks to take out into the world to help you grow
  • Access to a network of change makers who are speaking up

The Investment

“It has been really freeing.”
Katie Crepeau

Fee £1800

£1350 – £1800
~ Early bird tickets available until end of March
~ Instalment payment option available (contact for details)

** There are x2 low-income tickets available on a pay-what-you-can basis. 
Available by accepted application only. 
Contact me directly to discuss. Conditions apply.

If you enjoy the bubbling playfulness and fierce accountability of working in a small committed group, then this coaching program will be a joy for you.