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5 Clues For Communication Ease - #1

awareness beyond skills deeper conversations insights newsletter Nov 08, 2022

Welcome to Week 1 of the Communication Quest! 🏔✏️💬

It’s time for your first clue to communication ease.


🧩 Clue #1



If you are not experiencing communication ease, perhaps you are OUTSOURCING your communication to other people. And giving them power over what you say and write.


This is what outsourcing looks, feels, and sounds like.


👀   Looks like a carbon copy of someone else.

🥴   Feels like faking it with the hope of someday making it.

👂   Sounds conventional, similar to what others are saying.


The secret is to start INSOURCING.

This is what insourcing looks, feels, and sounds like.


👀   Looks unique.

😃   Feels like being real and true to yourself.

👂   Sounds fresh and interesting.

So, how do you stop outsourcing and start insourcing?


It begins with a SHIFT IN AWARENESS.


And that means first uncovering myths that may be standing in the way.


🐲 Communication Myth #1

I should copy others in order to fit in.” 

This myth is rooted in the infamous SHOULD approach. It snags your communication ease on hooks like “I should belong here.” Or “I should fake confidence on the outside until I feel it on the inside.”  Even “I should parrot the way others speak or write.”

👉🏼 Have you noticed that communicating “in order to fit in” doesn’t always work?

That’s because you’re not being true to yourself. Instead, you’re reaching for an outside fix to ease your insecurities and discomfort. We all do it.

The radical truth is… 


💡 Communication Ease is an INSIDE JOB.

Communication ease is rooted in who you already are (or maybe forgot who you are). You access it by following your inner promptings. 

⚡️ This week’s Awareness Shift 


Tune into the wise nudges from your inner knowing.  


▶️ This week’s Exercise

Recall a time when you followed a spontaneous hunch to connect with someone, and it went well. How did you know what to do?

Such glimmers of intuition are the birthplace of true communication ease, the gift that keeps on giving.

Feel free to tap reply and let us know how you get on with this exercise. We really do read every response with tender care. 

Stay tuned for CLUE #2 next week. 

Happy questing, 

Thea & Edyth

Team Working With Voice


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