“Great communication is so much more than a skill, it’s a whole  way of being.”

Thea May, Founder of Working With Voice

Communication coaching for individuals and teams.

Experience communication ease in life, work, and love. 


Relax into the joy of connecting, the freedom of belonging, and the safety of trusting yourself.


That is what communication ease feels like.


It's a

way of


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What’s changed for me is being more open and confident, and moving through self-doubt and embarrassment, and speaking from my centre, speaking my truth.

Shaf / Past Client

It's really is life changing, connecting with your communication flow.

Tamson / Leadership Coach

I only had the tip of the iceberg, but with the work that you offer, I got the whole iceberg.

Gwen / Transformation Coach





Speaking Coach & Communication Guide.


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I've always believed that everyone is a great communicator once they are relaxed in themselves.


As the co-creator of the Voice For Life Method - the first and only communication coaching that works with your whole being, Thea is committed to shifting communication norms to be in line with, ethical, soul-led, and vibrant communication in every area of your life and work. 

Thea helps both the quiet-types and the social butterflies find their flow in speaking and writing.

With over a decade's worth of spoken-communication coaching under her belt, Thea now brings her own unique approach to the table.

Her clients and community love Thea because of her state-changing exercises and compelling reframes of communication norms.

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Communication ease for you and your team.

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Communication ease for you and your team.

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This enabled me to be much more present with people instead of always thinking about what I want to say next. 

E.K  / Environmental Campaigner

I felt comfortable with you straight away!

Paula / Social enterprise dircetor

I wholeheartedly recommend Thea! It was truly outstanding how this brought so much value to my work.

Luliana / Facialist & Reflexologist 




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Tune in to receive quick communication tricks and strategies. Spend time listening to the journeys others have taken into COMMUNICATION EASE & CONFIDENCE and how it's shaping their lives in surprising and inspiring ways. 

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll finish each episode motivated to communicate life more authentically.

Hosted by Thea May 

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