It combines your unique speaking-style with your what you need to say in the moment.

Your speaking-flow-state is effortlessly spontaneous, without censorship or guilt. You might have experienced it with a good friend, or a stranger on a long journey.

The anxiety slips off your tightened shoulders and you lean into the connection. Thoughts emerge in your consciousness with clarity and you navigate the interaction with ease.

The over critical mind has a nasty habit of criticising, micromanaging and second-guessing how you communicate in the moment. On overdrive it leaves you self-judging, with hesitant, uncertain and clumsy speech. Settle back into your own skin and re-connect with the whole-you and more. Aligned with yourself. Attuned to the message. In flow with with the word

Place your values and integrity at the center of your speaking.

Get off your usual script, completely!

Show up in all your uniqueness

Be free from speaking of blocks that have been in your shadow for so long!

Feel prepared for any speaking arena.

Create new and aligned connections with others on the go.

Never misrepresent yourself ever again!!

One that serves the widest sense of community.

Helps us solve societal or environmental issue.

Leans into deeper connections with self and other.

Your speaking-flow-state emerges from that exquisite place where integrity and inspiration meet. From this place your speaking easily rises up from deep within you, crystal clear and full of confidence.

Learn the craft of speaking in flow. Fully aligned with your integrity, inspired by your what you care about and connected to the present moment.

From conversation with friends and family, to grass roots action and right through into global systemic change your voice and your message deserve to be heard.


Share your stories. Inspire with your vision for the future. Connect with others

Speak with a deeper, truer and more real sense of yourself

"It completely erased the nerves. I channelled the nerves into the energy of how I wanted to be, and not the fear of what could go wrong."

Katie. Past Client


Thea knows what it feels like to yearn to be yourself - fully you in any given moment!

You feel at once more powerful and more vulnerable than ever!

Whether you are taking your first tentative step to show up or already well on your way she's got your back!

"What’s great about Thea is that she doesn't say “here’s how you're going to do that”. She actually gives you the exercise so that you discover your own path there. And then it's just like you know how to do it."

Rob. Past Client



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