What if speaking up when it matters was second nature?

 Preparation, preparation, preparation…

The reality is, we often don’t have the time to prepare.

Because let’s face it, most of our conversations are improvised on the spot.

What if you could practice being unprepared?

If you could say what mattered in the moment,

no rehearsal needed!

Practice being unprepared

WHEN IT MATTERS is an intensive communication coaching program for visionary speakers. It that will transform your relationship with your voice and body, allowing you to show up, speak up and deliver whatever the situation.

Who’s it for?

  • Passionate change-makers with something to say, but who get flustered when the pressure is on
  • People with a purpose and a desire to communicate it with your whole self
  • Straight talkers alienated by business jargon and superficial chit-chat
  • Big thinkers with a message to share and a will to make it count, even under pressure.

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