What is Attuned Speaking you ask? Attuned to what?

Attuned speaking emerges from that exquisite place where integrity and inspiration meet. From this place your speaking easily rises up from deep within you, crystal clear and full of confidence, speaking into a deep and needed truth in that moment.

Learn the craft of speaking in flow. Fully aligned with your integrity, and inspired by your what you care about.

From conversation with friends and family, to grass roots action and right through into global systemic change your voice needs to be heard. I can help you do that.

If you want to speak your Truth then I will give you everything I've got - all my tools, all my presence and every inch of my commitment.

Are you...


Serving your community?


Solving a societal or environmental issue?


Or you just want some courage to lean in to conversations more deeply



Special discounted 1-1 coaching session
Offered with all online events
Limited availability


This speaking coaching is about connecting to your values around a fair and just world. A world where the planet thrives - with us on it.

Maybe you want to speak clearly about what is happening right now around Black Lives Matter... Bring it to this work.

Maybe you aren't sure what you would speak about but you want to feel into it.

Whether you want to prepare yourself for a specific speaking scenario or scale your speaking skills to reach for the sky, I will meet you there with bells on!

"It completely erased the nerves. I channelled the nerves into the energy of how I wanted to be, and not the fear of what could go wrong."


Thea May - Attuned Speaking Coach


My frustrations with the world I find myself living in spur me to create coaching that raises the voices I want to hear most.

Compassionate and empowered voices in homes, friendships, businesses, institutions and culture discussing the burning issues in our humanity. Creating solutions that rise from the ground up, and are facilitated from the top down.

So I put my skill set to that task of helping you find the words and confidence you need. Speaking that fully aligns you with your values around speaking Your Truth, social change and a healthy eco-system.

My clients are often those who are speaking into how we can thrive socially, technologically and environmentally.

Let's create a thriving future for all!


"I am in service
to you and your message ~ at any scale."

"What’s great about Thea is that she doesn't say “here’s how you're going to do that”. She actually gives you the exercise so that you discover your own path there. And then it's just like you know how to do it."