Our Story

Where It Came From

It took two women 6 years, 4688 miles, thousands of hours, 4 programs, and a lot of imagination.


We do this work because we were born to it. And we’ve been in your shoes. We, Thea and Edyth, came together nearly eight years ago, each carrying a sack of hidden communication anxieties.


Each of us feared rejection and experienced imposter syndrome, Thea with writing and Edyth with speaking. Each of us compensated by people-pleasing, conforming to social expectations, and hiding from view.


By sharing our gifts with each other, we grew our capacity for communication freedom and flow. In the process, we discovered communication gold and joined forces to co-create the soul and content of Working with Voice.


As soon as we were ready to upscale our work, Sarah joined us and found healing in her own communication wounds. She is now our community weaver and can help direct or support you.


We three are bound together by a common purpose, to co-create a world where authentic and inspiring communication is the everyday norm.

From the fleeting to the intimate, our words create the worlds we live in.

We want to help create a world where...

We can lead change and forge healthy communities with people who are both different and the same.

Humans and other-than-human can articulate needs, boundaries, and dreams.

Speaking and writing are decolonized.

All can weave their communication gifts into the living tapestry of the wider world.

Meet The Team

Thea May

Founder & Co-Creator


I’m the founder of Working with Voice, and a speaking coach with more than a decade of experience. I’m also a spoken word poet.


Edyth Friesen



I’m a life-long writer and the author of Writing with your Ever-Present Muse.


Sarah O'Donoghue

Community Weaver & Systems Maven


I’m a people-person who loves photography and design, and also knows her way around tech, data, and the business world. I’ve worked in lots of different industries and settings.


Thea has a very grounded, almost motherlike energy, which alongside the simple yet effective tools she shared, allowed me to feel very safe, to dive deep into what is dear to me, and to express those parts of me that want to be heard the most.


You have hit upon an amazing teaching method here that is transferable to so many other areas of life beyond writing. You are a true TRANSFORMER!


Thank you for all the invisible admin things you do, which makes it all work somehow.


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