1-1 Coaching

Settle Into Communication Ease

It changes everything!

1-1 Coaching for hesitant, awkward, frustrated, or disheartened communicators who know that awareness is the mother of change.


This coaching brings you into deep connection with your inner wisdom, and brings communication ease into your speaking and writing.


It all begins by shifting into communication ease 

as a way of BEING. 

Approaching communication as a way of being helps you -


1️⃣ Ditch communication-as-performance, and embrace your inner unique and authentic self.


2️⃣  Instead of feeling like you don’t know what to say or do next, know how to read, decode, and act on communication signals in the moment.


3️⃣  Drop the one-size-fits-all and lead into your innate communication gift, and know how to use its strengths.


4️⃣  Stop holding back or waffling and align what you say or write with the overall purpose of the communication itself.


5️⃣  Let go of negative stories and judgements, and use your awareness to bring you into the beating heart of the communication experience as it unfurls.





Communication coaching for speaking and writing with ease.


Over 3-4 months we will transform your relationship with communication. 


You will have an embodied experience of what communication as a way of being means for you, and apply it directly to your chosen area of communication growth.


Drop the anxiety and pick up communication ease instead.


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I got such a clear sense of who I am, I love myself and I can just allow it all. It felt like I could speak and it's my truth. It was brilliant. The words just flow, and I wasn’t worried about trying to get it right. Totally achievable and totally transformational!

R.G, past client


What can you use this approach for?


🟠 Start making new friends out and about.

🟠 Ask those questions you’ve always put off.

🟠 Develop your leadership confidence.

🟠 Joyously accept speaking opportunities.

🟠 Find your own voice in your social posts.

🟠 Start dating again after a long break or a breakup.

🟠 Raise the issues that actually really bother you.

I only had the tip of the iceberg, but with the work that you offer, I got the whole iceberg.

Gwen / Transformation Coach

Your Takeaways


  • Learn the foundations of communication ease.

  • Bring a bone-deep ease into all your interactions.

  • Know how to bring ease into other areas of your life in the future.


Take-home a solid strategy for your chosen communication growth!

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No one-size-fits-all here, all personal and relevant.

Leah, Operations Manager

I wholeheartedly recommend Thea! It was truly outstanding how this brought so  much value to my work.

James, Founder

Thea May really is an amazing coach in the art of language and communication.

Sarah, Facilitator

All sessions are with Thea May.

I'm Thea

- Your Coach & Communication Guide

I am a communication guide for those interested in ethical, soul-led, and vibrant communication. 

Founder of Working With Voice and a co-creator, with Edyth Friesen, of the life-transforming Voice-For-Life approach to speaking and writing.

I spent a the first part of my career, even most of my adult life, feeling unmet and frustrated by communication norms. Coaching them often felt disembodied, disconnected and ultimately dissatisfying.  


For me communication is a way of being in the world.


I longed for a world where interactions with friends, colleagues, family, and strangers felt aligned, connected and empowered.

Since shifting my approach into communication as a way of being my clients have rejoiced in a confidence that shines from within. 


My Clients want to grow in who they are and how they show up in their lives.

  • Some come for professional reasons, and some for personal reasons, BUT all  understand that this is inner work that manifests as outer change.
  • They are willing to put in the uncomfortable work and own their shit in order to change unhealthy habits.
  • Don't shy away from feedback, instead seek to grow their self awareness by asking for reflections and input from those around them. 
  • Each brings their intention and attention to this work, knowing that awareness is the mother of all change.  

Together we transform your relationships with communication from anxiety into EASE. 


Bring communication ease into your life this year! It grows with you!


This coaching is the gift to yourself that keeps giving. Once you know HOW to access communication ease you can do it on ANY new communication challenge or anxiety in the future. 


If you're ready to take responsibility for your own growth and transform how you communicate, this coaching is for you.


✅ Commit to your communication growth!

✅ Bring ease into how you communicate for life!

✅ Shape your life in alignment with the world you want to live in!

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