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These are NOT your usual soft skill webinars. They are nudges for your soul, both as an individual and as a team, to remember communication as a way of being together.

Any group of people can shape a COMMUNICATION CULTURE that either blocks or facilitates each others freedom to feel empowered and a sense of belonging. 


Every webinar is rooted in the foundations of communication as a way of being, and flexes towards your specific context.


You’ll experience 

✅ Abundance around new ideas or current projects. 

✅ Greater and clearer  purpose in meetings. 

✅ Reciprocal generosity when navigating tensions and miscommunications.

✅ Increased contributions from the quieter voices in the room, and better self-management from the more dominant ones. 

✅ Easily create inspiring and aligned comms for social media, PR or your website. 

✅ More confidence in every area of communication as a team and business. 


The power of COMMUNICATION EASE as a WAY OF BEING is that it facilitates a culture of ease in all communication.

Choose Your Webinar

Our webinar are infused with embodiment and mutuality serving as an invitation to connect deeply with yourself and others through how you communicate. 

Presence & Impact

The art of being noticed,  interjecting, and not being interrupted while you speak. 

Confidence & Networking

A simple go-to structure for answering the 'what do you do' question in a concise and engaging way!

Impact & Influence

A new world needs a new style – this is it! Create and deliver talks that inspire hearts and minds towards new horizons.

Conflict & Boundaries

new approach for the tender work of  communicating  boundaries and asking for changes in behaviour  in a mutually empowering way.

Confidence & Connection

5 proven ways to initiate, deepen, and even gracefully leave conversations with colleagues and strangers alike.

Clarity & Flow

These structures help your team share their thoughts with impressive clarity and ease on any subject!


Open up deeper layers of meaning beyond the words being said and give the experience of being heard to colleagues and clients alike.


Know when to listen and when to let go of the voice that says NO inside your head. 


Build better relationships internally and with clients/customers, especially in those difficult conversations.

Presence & Confidence

Practical in-the-moment strategies for shifting into a state of energised confidence when it matters.

Leadership & Impact

Fully engage and curate the dynamics with grace whether they are colleagues, speakers or audience members.

All sessions are delivered LIVE and ONLINE by Thea May.

Sessions with Thea are a wise investment that will bring surprising insights, authenticity, and alignment to your speaking opportunities.

MD, A Million Realities

I want my whole team to go through this training!

Senior Manager in Environmental Waste Management

I would not hesitate to recommend her for preparations regarding public speaking, pitch to win, or more structured speaking moments.

MD, A Million Realities

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