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5 Clues For Communication Ease - #2

awareness beyond skills deeper conversations insights newsletter Nov 08, 2022

Welcome to Week 2 of the Communication Quest! How was the exercise from last week? Did you get any insights? Share some with us by tapping reply.

 It’s time for your second clue to communication ease.

🧩 Clue #2 


If you are not experiencing communication ease, perhaps you are CONTROLLING what is happening, likely with limited success. And also holding onto your agenda too tightly.

This is what controlling looks, feels, and sounds like.


👀   Looks like fighting to be seen and heard.

🥴   Feels like going against the flow.

👂   Sounds like a brush-off or trying to prove a point.


The secret is to start EXPERIMENTING.

This is what experimenting looks, feels, and sounds like.


👀   Looks playful and impromptu.

😃   Feels relaxed and energising.

👂   Sounds like trying things out.

So, how do you stop controlling and start experimenting?

Yes, it begins with a SHIFT IN AWARENESS.

And as with the first clue, this means routing out the myths that may be standing in the way.


🐲 Communication Myth #2

I have to be fully prepared before I jump in.” 


This myth is rooted in a need for CERTAINTY. It snage your communication ease on hooks like “I need to look credible, as if I’ve got it together.” Or “I need to avoid making mistakes or making a fool of myself.” Even “I need to stay on script, come hell or highwater.”

👉🏼 Have you noticed that “being fully prepared” doesn’t always work?

That’s because stuff happens! When you hold onto your preparation like a liferaft, and forget to pay attention to what’s really going on, you are unable to roll with sudden changes. In the process you become frustrated and flustered, and you only tighten your grip. Happens to all of us.


The radical truth is....  

💡 Communication Ease is about being RESPONSIVE

Communication ease arises when you hold your agenda very lightly and follow the signals in the moment.


⚡️ This week’s Awareness Shift 

Allow the moment to INSPIRE YOU instead of following your agenda

Tune into what’s happening around you. 

▶️ This week’s Practice

Pick up on something somebody has just said or messaged you. Riff on it or ask them a question about it. 

Communication ease is about being light-footed and taking everything in your stride. It’s a gift to yourself and beyond.

Feel free to tap reply and let us know how you get on with this practice. We read every response with open hearts. If you prefer, you can whatsapp us via text or voicenote. 

Stay tuned for CLUE #3 next week. 

Happy questing, 

Thea & Edyth

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