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5 Clues For Communication Ease - #3

awareness beyond skills deeper conversations insights newsletter Nov 09, 2022

We’re half way through! Welcome to week 3 of your Communication Quest! Did you get any insights from the last clue? Let us know what you noticed or felt via email or whatsapp! We love hearing how it is going. 

It’s time for your third clue.


🧩 Clue #3 



If you are not experiencing communication ease, perhaps you are LAMENTING that you aren't a great communicator (yet).  And focusing on what you feel you lack rather than what you're innately good at.

This is what lamenting looks, feels, and sounds like.


👀   Looks like avoiding certain communication situations or not trying.

☹️   Feels like being lesser-than and feeling sorry for yourself.

👂   Sounds like making excuses, apologising, admonishing yourself.


The trick is to start CELEBRATING.

This is what celebrating looks, feels, and sounds like.


👀   Looks like letting yourself be seen and heard.

😃   Feels like honouring your communication strengths.

👂   Sounds like speaking or writing without self-consciousness.

So, how do you stop lamenting and start celebrating?

(You guessed it…) It begins with a SHIFT IN AWARENESS.

I imagine you are noticing a pattern by now. Awareness is key. And that means first clearing away the myths that may be standing in the way.


🐲 Communication Myth #3

“I have to stand back until I become a great communicator.” 


This myth is rooted in the COMPARISON game. It snags your communication ease on hooks like “I'm not in their league, so I’m not showing my face.” Or “I don’t feel comfortable in a room full of better communicators…”  Even “I am not as good a speaker or writer as so and so.”

👉🏼 Have you noticed that “standing back” doesn’t always work?

That’s because you’re robbing yourself and others of what you have to offer. Instead, you’re waiting to improve your communication skills and prowess.


The radical truth is…


💡 Communication Ease comes from a sense of ENOUGHNESS 

Communication ease grows the minute you stop navel-gazing, start acknowledging your enoughness, and use your own communication strengths in service to what’s really important. And although it may not be ‘perfect’, it will certainly be enough. 

⚡️ This week’s Shift in Awareness 


Lead with your STRENGTHS instead of bemoaning your weaknesses

Tune into your innate communication strengths and lead with those. 


▶️ This week’s Practice

Name and claim one communication strength you already have and find an opportunity to use it. 

Leading with your innate strength enables you to overcome any feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, or self-judgement, and allows you to use your communication gift for good. (After all, you were born to communicate, so you do have the gift 💫)


Feel free to tap reply and let us know how you get on with this practice. We read all your responses with eagerness. Prefer to whatsapp? - Then drop us a text or voicenote instead.

Stay tuned for CLUE #4 on Friday. 


Happy questing, 


Thea & Edyth

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