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5 Clues For Communication Ease - #4

awareness beyond skills deeper conversations insights newsletter Nov 11, 2022

Only one more after this one! Welcome to week 4 of your Communication Quest! What insights did you get from the last clue? Tap reply or whatsapp us and let us know (voicenotes welcome). We’re so interested to know how it’s going. 

It’s time for your fourth clue.


🧩 Clue #4


If you are not experiencing communication ease, perhaps you are DISCONNECTING from yourself and others. And tuning out.

This is what disconnecting looks, feels, and sounds like.


👀   It looks like you’re not really there, a deer caught in headlights.

☹️   It feels like standing on the outside looking in or being off in another world.

👂   It sounds like platitudes, cliches, and same-old, same-old.

The secret is to start CONNECTING.

This is what connecting looks, feels, and sounds like.


👀   It looks like you’re fully present, with all lights on.

😃   It feels like you’re in harmony with yourself, your audience, and the moment.

👂   It sounds like you’re coherent and lucid.

So, how do you stop disconnecting and start connecting?


(You know what’s coming…) It begins with a SHIFT IN AWARENESS.


You’re probably getting the picture now. Awareness is the key to it all. And also ousting myths that may be standing in the way.



🐲 Communication Myth #4

“Great communication requires effort and skill."


This myth is rooted in the PERFORMANCE approach to communication. It snags your communication ease on hooks like “I have to look polished.” Or “I have to feel confident at all times.” Even “I have to sound like I know what I’m talking about.”

👉🏼 Have you noticed that making it about “effort and skill” doesn’t always work?

That’s because you’re not tapping into the energy and purpose of the communication moment. Instead, you’re trying to manage your image.


The radical truth is…


💡 Communication Ease comes with FOCUSING ON PURPOSE 

Communication ease comes with dovetailing what you say or write with the deeper purpose of the communication moment.


⚡️ This week’s Awareness Shift 



Tune into your audience, the deeper purpose of the communication moment, and what’s needed.

▶️ This week’s Practice

Recall a communication moment when you rose to the occasion. What did you do differently?


Taking the focus off yourself and placing it onto the communication moment lessens self-consciousness and increases communication ease. And that has a ripple effect.


Feel free to tap reply and let us know how you get on with this practice. We read all your responses with great respect. You can also whatsapp us if you’d prefer. 


Stay tuned for CLUE #5 next week (the last clue!)


Happy questing,


Thea & Edyth

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