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motherhood newsletter Oct 06, 2022

Depending on how well you know me, you may be surprised…

First, like many of you, I’ve been reflecting on International Women’s Day. Once a year, we spotlight the awesomeness of women all over the world. At the same time, we see how much still needs to be done to level the playing field.

Being a self-authored woman - inside and out - is no small feat in a world made for men. Even more so if you are a BIPOC woman (which I am not), a neuro-diverse woman (which I am), and the list goes on...

From one woman to another, I have your back 100%. And if you are an allied man, I have your back, too.

Although not only women, our clients are a wide range of women. Many feel ill-equipped to stand up for themselves in male-doinated meetings. They find it difficult to navigate boundaries with employers, inlaws, children and friends. They don’t know how to express their needs without feeling guilty. They want to reinforce consent but fear the consequences.

We’ve also helped people…

💃🏽 Find the language they need to start dating again, this upon re-entering the dating scene after a 20-year pause.

💃🏼 Start a difficult and mutually empowering conversation with someone they are very upset with.

💃🏻 Move past a crippling imposter syndrome as the only woman in a room full of suits.

We’ve also shared lots of free resources with proven strategies such as how to identify and work with your conflict-type and how to deflect unwanted conversations. Just click on the links to find out more.

Even though I have been helping people with communication challenges for over a decade, I’ve also been working through my own.

For almost 20 years I’ve been a semi-secret spoken word poet. 😲 And on International Women’s Day I finally unleashed that part of my identity.

As you may imagine, language interests and delights me. I crave it’s richness, depth, and nuance. It’s ability to help us connect, stir our souls, and craft our worlds. Helping clients enrich their lives through how they communicate is a huge part of what inspires me in this work.

It also inspires me to write and perform spoken word poetry. Until now, I’ve played it small, stayed in the shadows. But on this past International Women’s Day, I finally stepped out and published two poems about motherhood on the Internet. There are more to come.

My poet name is MotherTongue. It’s been with me for many years, nudging me to step out. I finally found the courage.

And now, my poetry is live on the internet for all to hear.

👀 Pop over here to hear the first ones, and follow the feed to stay tuned for many more to come. May these words, from my soul to yours, inspire, provoke and nourish you.

Clicking ‘share’ felt very brave. A part of me is still soft-centered and vulnerable about putting my spoken word out into the world. Of course I worry about what people will think, and what the internet trolls will say. But f*** it! Life is too short.

I know that these poems are true to me. I wrote them for myself, not for the approval of people I’ve never met. And now I offer them up as a gift to you.

Now, over to you. What conversation, blog-post, talk, or poem have you been putting off and keeping secret? Where are you playing it small when it comes to your speaking or writing?

What step could you take this week towards sharing it, even if only with one person?

And remember, I have your back!

Tap reply and share your acts of communication-bravery with me, whatever it may be.





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