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It’s been a while… but gosh, have I got some exciting news for you!!

insights motherhood newsletter update Oct 21, 2022

We’ve had a life changing event here at Working With Voice and we’d love to share it with you. It’s the kind of event that touches all areas of life, from the personal, to the profound, with a stop at the professional along the way. 


Here’s a quick glance at what’s coming up as you read through. 


👶🏻 Thea’s Big News

👀 New Dynamic Website




Let’s start with the biggest news! I’ve become the mother of a beautiful healthy baby boy!



I’m absolutely loving settling into family life with this little one. After only a few hours of birth, Saxon was already communicating his needs and seeking meaningful connection. We come out wanting to be seen, heard, and to know we belong. Not much changes, really. 😛🧡


Becoming a mother is obviously a profound experience, but what surprises me is that it has awoken a whole new area in my communication awareness. This shift began almost as soon as I was pregnant. 


Whilst many lovely words were shared, I sometimes found myself smothered by the doom and gloom of other people’s negative pregnancy, childbirth, and new motherhood experiences, while trying to enjoy my own experience.  


It seems crazy to me that we normalise so much negative communication towards people at this vulnerable and pivotal time in their lives. 


During this experience, I’ve noticed numerous communication snags. Some when setting physical and emotional boundaries with my friends and family. Others when people share their traumatic pregnancy, childbirth, and new motherhood stories with me. Still others around my birth plans and choices. Or when communicating with doctors about critical decisions.  


Sound familiar? To explore this more fully and offer some communication guidance to other mothers-to-be, even if it’s for the second or fifth time, stay tuned. 

I’m starting a new content flow just for mums. A special set of pregnancy, childbirth, and new motherhood communication stories, solutions, and shifts. 


(You don’t have to have ovaries to sign up, but an interest in pregnancy and parenting, as well as grandparenting and supporting your friends, helps.) 


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So what does all this mean for Working With Voice both this summer and the rest of 2022?


Well, we are evolving! The rest of the team has been weaving a welcome mat for you. And the best place to catch up on the changes and peruse the new offerings is our dynamic new website - we’re still ironing out the final creases but pop over and take a look. 


In the meantime, keep your eyes on your inbox for our usual newsletters, filled with real life communication stumbles, shifts, and secrets, even as you grow and flow from one spoken or written conversation to the next.


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