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The Communication Quest was all pointing towards this ⤵️

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Can you believe that we’ve finally completed the Communication Quest? We hope you enjoyed doing it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

Here’s a quick summary… (It’s also in the summary video below👇🏽)



🧩 Clue #1 




🧩 Clue #2


Allow the moment to INSPIRE YOU 


🧩 Clue #3


Lead with your STRENGTHS


🧩 Clue #4 




🧩 Clue #5


Become aware of WHAT’S ALIVE right now 


👉 So what is this all pointing to? 


Remember way back when we said that many people believe that communication ease is a gift, and you either have or you don’t? Or that it’s a skill you have to acquire? 


Maybe you believed this, too…


Well, at Working WIth Voice we have a completely different approach, one that offers you a radical new path to communication ease. We believe that…



Communication Ease is a way of BEING


It’s not something you have to earn or learn. It’s not a gift bestowed on a chosen few. It’s not unattainable. You already are it! That’s because…


Communication ease is an innate part of WHO you are when you flow as you.


By following the clues in this quest you’ve hopefully shifted your awareness into the places and ways that you flow best. Be rest assured, there is no one-size-fits-all communication ease. 


Notice the differences between well-known communicators like Brene Brown, Russell Brand, Greta Thunberg, Nelson Mandela, Jacinda Ardern, Eckart Tolle, Iyania Vazant, Sir Richard Attenborough, and Maysoon Zayid.


But, what do these diverse communicators have in common?


I’d say, they are all being themselves, flowing as them. And you can do this, too!  


Now, what else do they have in common? 


They’re all communicating FOR something bigger than themselves. They are contributors to the emergence of new possibilities for civilizational and planetary survival and thriving. 


Can you think of someone closer to home who embodies communication as a way of being? You can do this at any scale, within the close circle of family and friends, within your school, workplace, or various communities. 


Communication ease, when experienced and expressed as a way of being, has the power to lift us into new economic, political, social, spiritual, and environmental possibilities.


Imagine that! Communication ease is a key to unlocking so much more for you AND all of us.



Much love,

Thea and Edyth


Team Working With Voice




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