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deeper conversations insights motherhood newsletter Oct 21, 2022

As a new parent who lives rurally, I feel quite isolated at times. Luckily, this past weekend, I revelled in the company of some amazing women at a friend’s hen-do.


Since then, the WWV team and I have been reflecting on the types of communication that have nourished us when we needed it most, say during a significant moment or life stage. Such an experience feels like a comforting nest, so we’re calling it the communication nest.


You probably already understand this intuitively. It’s the type of communication that soothes your soul, seeps into your bones like a warm bath, and leaves you feeling safe and rested, even energised, afterwards. Can you feel that?


During the past week, we each experienced such a communication nest, built expressly for our unique needs, circumstances, and wiring. And it made all the difference. 


My communication nest was a group of women, many of whom are mothers, some who’ve given birth recently. Edyth found her communication nest in the wisdom of a book after a weekend of intense socialising and logistical challenges. And Sarah found her communication nest in the reassuring presence of her partner, a welcome relief from her previous relationships. 


How do you find your communication nests? Yes, you likely have more than one nest. But chances are, there’s one type of nest that stands out.


First, notice what kind of communication situation, specific people or particular places you enjoy the most. Remember, a nest can show up in the form of talking, listening, reading, or writing. Even playing, making love, or communing with nature!


Make a list of three that come to mind now. 


Here’s an example using our three experiences.


1️⃣ a small group of like-hearted people

2️⃣ an inspiring way-finding book

3️⃣ a supportive relationship   


Next, reflect on what made those experiences feel so lovely and nourishing. Was it the relaxed pace, the loving presence of a specific person or people, the beauty of a place, the quality of the interaction, the themes evoked, some alone time for reflection? Or something else? Remember, it’s about the feel of the experience.


Here’s what we experienced while sheltered in our communication nests.


1️⃣ feeling held through the sharing of birth and motherhood stories

2️⃣ feeling peaceful and empowered through reading clear and wise words

3️⃣ feeling seen and supported by a healthy partner


Then, create a new list of three nests you intend to seek, maintain, or create for yourself -- regularly. 


Finally, make a habit of tending the communication nests in your life. If you’re feeling exhausted, lonely, sad, or detached, it’s likely that you need to find your way to a tried-and-true communication nest 🪺or create a new nest. 


Speaking of nests, I’m currently building a new communication nest specifically for mothers (or parents)The tender and life-changing experience of becoming pregnant and having a child brings with it a very specific set of communication needs. So I’ll be putting together a handbook and coaching offer just for that. 


🧡 First, I need your help… 


I would love to speak with you or someone you know who has experienced pregnancy, childbirth, or new motherhood within the last two years. 


Expect a relaxed, compassionate, and gently guided conversation focusing on the changing communication needs and challenges during this messy life stage. 


As a thank you for having a chat, or introducing us to someone who meets with me for a chat, you’ll get free access to our much loved Conflict Communication resource. It’s a powerful resource for those challenging conversations about boundaries or disagreements  in your life with friends, family, or even colleagues. 


➡️ Forward this email to someone who is in this stage of life. 


🗓 Book a spot in the calendar for a chat.


In the meantime enjoy noticing, creating, and maintaining your nourishing communication nests. 


Lots of love, 

Thea and the WWV Team



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