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dating deeper conversations making new friends newsletter Oct 06, 2022

It’s Sarah, here, from the WWV team. Thea and I were chatting last week about Valentines Day and dating communication skills. As an active dater, I was reminiscing on some of my dating communication fails (there've been quite a few).

As an efficiency geek, I’ve been perfecting my selection process over the years.  After wasting so much time on in-person encounters and looooong dinners that I didn’t want to be at, I added a Zoom interview into my selection process.

Well, I matched with a guy on a dating app and the conversation was going nicely, so I invited him to connect on Zoom so I could get a proper look at him and feel into his vibe.

The evening came and we hopped into our virtual date. He looked like his pictures (score). But I quickly recognised that he wasn’t quite on my wavelength. However, with me being the bubbly-people-pleaser that I am, I facilitated a lively conversation (where I did most of the work). We were on Zoom for an hour and a half (throwing that time-saving strategy right out the window)!!!

I decided to never meet him in person and hoped not to hear from him again. However the next day he messaged and asked me out for dinner. Of course he did, I’d given him mixed signals. I politely declined but felt pretty bad for wasting his time (and mine).

I now realise that, although I’d changed my situational strategy (my outer world) to save time, I hadn’t changed my communication strategy (my inner world). No wonder I’d found myself in the same circumstance as before, albeit in the comfort of my own home. 🤦‍♀️

During our conversation, Thea pointed out that I could have saved us both time by having an exit strategy and then communicating it.

I could have signaled, at the beginning of the call, that I only had 30 minutes to chat by saying something like: “I have to leave at 8:30 to put my daughter to bed.”

👋🏼 OR I could have used one of the natural lulls in the conversation. Instead of making a big effort to fill those lulls by asking more questions, I could have said something like: “It was lovely speaking with you, but I have to go now.”

If you’re like me and struggle to communicate boundaries, whether on dates or meeting new people, consider Thea’s coaching. It’s packed with transformative practices, hands-on expertise, and step-by-step strategies that you can elegantly weave into your unique dating experiences so you can avoid time-wasting awkwardness.

Chances are, no one ever handed you the erotic intelligence handbook. No one ever helped you connect the dating-dots.

Well that was then, and this is now. No more trials by fire. No more missed glances. No more mismatched blind-date catastrophes.

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Sarah and the WWV Team

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