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dating making new friends newsletter Oct 21, 2022

Well lovers, as we slide into the weekend of international luuuuuuve week, we took a few minutes to answer some of your dating questions over on youtube.


In this short video we share some communication tools you can use immediately to get unstuck, less awkward or just downright sassy during your dates.


Find out how to:

😘 Structure conversations on dating apps to avoid endless small talk.

😘 Indicate that you would like to take things really really slow.

😘 How to make the first move when you see someone you like.


🎥 Watch it from the comfort of your own home by clicking here.


And if the tantalizing dating-fail story we shared earlier this week caught your eye, 🎥 watch Sarah and I discuss it in all it’s juicy detail over in this video.


Let us know which tip you’re going to use on your next date by commenting on the video, or tapping reply to this email. 


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Lots of luuuuuurrve 

Thea & the WWV Team


PS: Share these videos with your friends who are out there on the dating scene. It’s a jungle out there!!



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