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Lift the lessons from your experiences and turn them into communication strategies!!

A 90-minute workshop for keen and reluctant communicators who know that wisdom hides in stories and uncomfortable places.

Ever considered becoming your own communication coach? We will show you how!  🤩


In this workshop we share the step-by-step approach we use to lift the communication lessons out of our everyday experiences - so you can do it for yourself. 


Become your own communication coach.

✅ Know how to lift the lessons out of your everyday experiences. 

✅ Transform experiences into personal communication strategies.

✅ Embody communication as a way of being.


There’s a gold mine of wisdom if you know how to find, mine, and refine it ✨

Our free 90 minute workshop starts at 7.30pm GMT on Tuesday, November 8th


📌 You Will Need...


Before you attend, please recall a recent and challenging communication experience to work on. Something that went badly, was tough for you, or made you feel out of your depth. Something you really want to turn into a learning moment.

Maybe it’s a conversation with an ex, raising an issue at work, meeting new people at a friend's wedding, or something else.

Jot it down in your notes so you can play with it later.

** Please only choose something that is no more than a 5 out of 10 in intensity for you. This is a group workshop, so make sure it is something you can comfortably bring into this setting. 

🙌🏼 Your Takeaways…


You will take home a solid strategy for your chosen communication challenge!

This will enable you to: 

  • Tune into tension and turmoil with clarity.
  • Uncover a hidden realisation and opportunity for  transformation.
  • Turn these into powerful communication strategies just for you!
  • Know how to do this time and again with any communication challenge! 
  • Consult a simple downloadable worksheet to repeat the magic.

"I wholeheartedly recommend Thea! It was truly outstanding how this brought so much value to my work."

- James

“No one-size fits all here, all personal and relevant.”

- Leah

“Thea May really is an amazing coach in the art of language and communication.”

- Sarah 

👋🏼 About the presenter 

Thea May is a communication guide for those interested in more ethical , soul-led, and vibrant communication. She is the founder of Working With Voice and a co-creator, with Edyth Friesen, of the life-transforming Voice-For-Life approach to speaking and writing.  Their work brings you into deep connection with your inner wisdom, and ease you into the seat of your innate flow in speaking and writing. 

Say yes to joining us for 90 minutes of strategy-forming and become your own communication coach for life! 

This free workshop is a gift that keeps giving. Once you know HOW to lift the wisdom out of your communication challenges, you can do it with ANY communication challenge in the future.

If you're ready to lean into the discomfort - take responsibility for your own growth, and stretch into who you already are or want to become, this workshop is for you.

Join our FREE November workshop on Nov 8th at 7.30pm