Meet The Coach

Dolly May ~ Founder & Lead Coach

My name is Dolly May.

I’m a singer, poet and voice coach. I’ve been performing for over 20 years and coaching people to use their voices for more than a decade. I’ve delighted in discovering my own voice over this time, and I’m committed to helping you find yours.

I’m a devoted meditator and tai chi practitioner, bringing mindfulness and practice to the work. With compassion and joy, I’ll keep searching until we find what’s stopping you from showing up. Together, we’ll untangle old patterns and give you the experience of speaking free of those inhibitions.

I’m a believer in the power of the connected voice and the need for change-makers to embody their message and change the status quo.

My style is playful, direct and nurturing. I’ll encourage you and draw you out,  challenge you to become the biggest version of yourself and support you in making the shift. I’m a champion of people with a burning message and a yearning to be heard, and I will give you my all to make that possible.

“Dolly is an excellent and intuitive
vocal coach, with a particular gift for inspiring confidence and working in a holistic way to engage the body.
Highly recommended!”